I'm originally from Rhinebeck, New York and have traveled the world through a 15 year career in snowboarding where I worked as a freelance photographer and writer, Associate Editor for Snowboarder Magazine, Women's Team Manager for Burton, and Editor in Chief for Snowboard Magazine. My first passion as a kid was music and I couldn't get enough of large format Rolling Stone. I dreamt of shooting documentary photos like the ones I saw in the magazine and hoped to interview artists one day. Snowboarding became my vehicle to do just that and it was a fun, wild ride!

In 2016 I moved on from snowboarding and now work as Content Producer in R&D at Green Chef in Boulder, where I lead the content team and test delicious, organic meals made by creative chefs. Working for a tech startup company in a new category of the food industry has been exciting and something I never imagined doing. I am learning a ton!

Photography and Floyd The Lion are an outlet to keep creating in my free time. I love that I can give back through philanthropic partnerships that benefit organizations like National Geographic Society's Big Cats Initiative and collaborate with artists through the positivity that is Floyd. He is a special, fluffy creature that lion!

I live in Colorado with my wife, Cami, and our cat, Floyd.

Thank you for checking out my work!