Susie Floros is from Rhinebeck, New York and has traveled the world through a 15-year career in snowboarding where she worked as a freelance photographer and writer, Associate Editor for Snowboarder Magazine, Women's Team Manager for Burton, and Editor in Chief for Snowboard Magazine. Susie’s first passion as a kid was music and she couldn't get enough of large format Rolling Stone. She dreamt of shooting documentary photos like the ones she saw in the magazine and hoped to interview artists one day. Snowboarding became her opportunity to do just that and it was a fun, and challenging, wild ride!

Susie most recently worked as Content Production Manager at Green Chef and Studio Operations Manager at HelloFresh where she combined her love of creative work and good food, meeting strict daily & weekly deadlines.

In 2019 Floros spun 360 into the freelance world again and created her own business, specialized in writing, photography, social media, and project management.

Susie lives in Colorado with her wife, Cami, and their cat, Floyd The Lion. She is available to work on new projects and would love to hear from you!

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“Adventure Cats” | Laura J. Moss | Workman Publishing | 2017


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