I’m from Rhinebeck, New York and traveled the world through a 15-year career in snowboarding where I worked as a freelance photographer and writer, Associate Editor for Snowboarder Magazine, Women's Team Manager for Burton, and Editor in Chief for Snowboard Magazine. My first passion as a kid was music and I couldn't get enough of large format Rolling Stone. I dreamt of shooting documentary photos like the ones I saw in the magazine and hoped to interview artists one day. Snowboarding became my opportunity to do just that and it was a fun, and challenging, wild ride!

I most recently worked as Content Production Manager at Green Chef and Studio Operations Manager at HelloFresh where I combined my love of creative work and good food, meeting strict daily & weekly deadlines.

In 2019 I spun 360 into the freelance world again and created my own business specialized in writing, photography, social media, and project mgmt.

My side project is Floyd The Lion, a fluffy cat I am lucky to live with, who inspires photography, writing, video, art & signature products.

I live in Colorado with my wife, Cami, and our cat, Floyd. I'm available to work on new projects and would love to hear from you! – Susie

Brand & Media Work


“Adventure Cats” | Laura J. Moss | Workman Publishing | 2017


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